Schools Require Teachers Wear Underwear

Arkansas is taking action to stop teachers from going commando and shoeless in classrooms.  Once upon a time it was the students who needed to be told how to dress, now it's the teachers.

Little Rock School District's new superintendent Dr Dexter Suggs refers to underwear as 'foundation garments' and wants to make sure staff and teachers lay that foundation while at work.

The dress code also banishes spandex leggings, hip-hugging jeans. and 'excessively tight' pants.  The happless 'sagging boxer hike' style no adult should even try-out is likewise targeted.

The edict even bans clothes with slogans advertising alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Wow.  Looks like the ZigZag guy is gonna have to stay home.

But did they really have to demand teachers' hair 'must be clean, neat and well-groomed' and shoes 'must be worn at all times?' Where do these places get their teachers from - a homeless shelter?

Get this, the district is so concerned some teachers are so cash-strapped they won't be able to run out and get underwear and shoes they are giving them 'till the 2015 school year to comply.