Bye Bye Boy George Scouts

The  BSA (Boy Scouts Of America) caved to the gay lobby and opened up the 103 year-old organization to powder-puff scouting. 

The BSA, like the Catholic church has had more than their share of pedophiles and gays infiltrating their ranks. But the Boy-George Scouts decided to make it official.

Meantime back around the campfire not everyone is pleased with the bend-over by the Boy Scouts. Some 1,200 former leaders and members of the BSA have split off and met for a two-day conference to name themselves Trail Life USA.'  They also conducted the business of selecting uniforms, by-laws, and a brand-spankme-new logo.

Trail Life USA's stated mission is to counter the 'moral free-fall' of the nation, and 'raise a generation of faithful husbands, fathers, citizens and leaders.' Lofty.

Ironically, John Sternberg who heads the newly minted organization says they too will allow gay members but won't permit them to 'flaunt' their sexual orientation.   They also frown on boys who wish to dress and act like girls.

The split's not new. The Girl Scouts did it nearly 20 years ago calling themselves American Heritage Girls.