Purse Snatcher Bites Good Samaritan

Mikayla Hull rode her bike up to 75-year-old Evelyn Searl while she sat at an outdoor cafe eating lunch with her daughter in order to snatch her purse.  Evelyn ran after the purse snatcher, tripped and fell slamming her face on the sidewalk. 

Three men grabbed Hull and pinned her to the pavement while waiting for the cops to arrive.  At first Hull said she 'didn't do it' but then blurted that the victim was a 'rich' woman and could afford the theft.  There's that Obama entitlement thing again...

Hull demanded she be allowed to get up, but the men kept her down.  After a few minutes and unable to pull her arms free, Hull bites lawyer Jonathan Damon whose straddling her.  He reacts by punching her in the face.

Hull yells 'assault.'  But the video shows Hull bitting Damon first. The cops say Damon was defending himself but charged Hull with with larceny and aggravated assault.

The video is viral today.  The comments slam Damon for punching Hull.  Seems Hull gets a pass for causing an elderly woman to take a face plant on a sidewalk.

You be the judge.

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