Pregnant Weightlifter Mom Draws Fire

There's an online cat fight raging today on Facebook.  Seems some object to nine-month pregnant, Los Angeles weightlifter Lea-Anne Ellison, 35, doing a workout just before giving birth.

'This is actually sickening,' commented Amanda Cinq-Mars. 'I hope pregnant [women] around the world do not do this kind of crap.'

After getting a lot of heat posting her feats of strength the heroic woman offered this simple response: 'Haters will hate and it's ok. My life is not their life thank goodness! Lol! Again, thank you! It means so much to feel this much love from a community I adore.'

So, is Ellison 'selfish' for exercising in this way so late in her pregnancy? No. In fact, she is a great example of strength, courage, and intelligence. The more fit a woman is before giving birth, the less complicated the birth will go.  And the kid in the womb benefits too.  These are medical facts.

Women who allow themselves to become fat, slow, and sick while pregnant are not looking out for themselves or their unborn kid. Also medical fact.

And for those malcontents zapping Lea-Anne who also defend or have had an abortion, may your ignorance and hypocrisy return to haunt you before the end of your tiny life - hear that Amanda?

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