Guy Crafts Human Skull From Cocaine

The weekends are good for at least one 'who's kidding who' story.  Today's comes from the Netherlands where cannabis, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and other synthetic drugs are trafficked and distributed to Europe.

A Dutch dude who goes by the name 'Diddo' says he was 'paid' to make a human skull out of cocaine. But Diddo says he can't say who paid him, who bought the coke, and where the ghoulish prize is now.

Diddo had the coke tested in a lab for some goofy reason. He brags that the crap was 20% pure and cut with caffeine, paracetamol and sugar. Oh wow, really? Yawn.

Diddo insists he didn't lick, rub, insert or snort any of the stuff while sculpting the skull. So other than the cash why'd he do it?

Dildo says 'I don't want to over-intellectualize, but it's the fusion of two icons (skull and cocaine) that provokes thought and discussion on the nature of man.'  Oh yea, deep - lots of existential juxtaposition and categorical paradoxy behind a coke skull - sure, sure Dildo.

Horse-shit, folks!  Dildo the dipstick got high, in fact, he's prolly snorting one of the eye sockets right now...

Platinum And Diamond Skull