Pit Bull Owners Stripped Of House Insurance

Pit bulls were created to entertain ghoulish spectators who wagered on British dog fights. 

All pit bulls are crosses between bulldogs and terriers, but because there's no specific 'breed' the identification and eradication of these dogs remains problematic.

There are about 3 million pit bulls in the U.S., approximately 3% of the total dog population.  A 5-year (2001–05) study of dog attack victims recorded pit bull terriers implicated in more than half of emergency room admitted dog bites. Of the 269 patients identified 137 (51%) were attacked by pit bulls.

Dog owners in the US are considered strictly liable for all damage caused by their dog. Landlords may also be held liable if they know an aggressive dog is living on their property and they do nothing to ensure the safety of other tenants.

Brad Reinke of Muncie, Indiana opened a letter last month from his insurance agent.  The letter told him he had seven months to find a new home for his pit bulls or lose his home insurance.

'Due to a potential liability hazard, the aggressive dog should be removed from the premises,' the letter from Shelter Insurance Companies read. 'No aggressive dog or aggressive breed of dog should replace this dog.'

State Farm alone had 3,670 dog bite claims nationally last year and paid more than $108 million as a result.

Strangely the Reinke's are upset.  Guess they don't believe it.