Internet Addiction Damages Brain

Addictions include sex, drugs, food, hobbies, shopping, gambling, and now the Internet.

Till now, the Internet has seemed more like the 'next big thing', and it has been. But it appears ANY single activity done to excess is both an obsession and an addiction according to therapists..

Internet addiction disrupts nerve wiring in the brains of teenagers, a study in China has found - causing similar brain damage seen in drug users. The addiction has been verified by MRI scans.

Warning signs of addiction include extraordinary amounts of time “online” to the point of disrupting a healthy balance of other activities in life. Addicted users denied access to computers show withdrawal symptoms including tremors, obsessive thoughts, irritability, anti-social mood swings, and involuntary typing movements of the fingers.

Great. Just great. Computer abused, obese, dope-smoking, online game-playing, hold-em players, buying all kinds of crap on Amazon while cruising porn, facebooking, and twittering creating a whole new generation of wiped out humans.

A brave new world just can't seem to get rolling.  Add another twelve step program to the pile - Web Addicts Anonymous.  Sitting here writing this I am freaking out now, am I an addict?  Are you hooked for reading this online?