Outrage: Obama Blowing $300 Million On Detroit

The corruption just keeps on truck'n in the Obama regime.

Today, Obama said he's gonna hand $300 million to shit-hole Detroit.  This is the town that's had 50 years of Democrat led decline and a string of felons who've utterly destroyed the city once the capital of US manufacturing might.

If ever there's a place in this country that should be left to rot -  it's Detroit.  From Kwame Kilpatric to Monica Conyers the city is thick with corruption and now thanks to Putin's new houseboy,  they're gonna get rewarded for it.

Recall Obama shutting down Whitehouse tours to kids nationwide?  Where's the cash for this crap? Oh yea, there's always a few hundred million laying around to hand to the irrestponsible, incompetent, and decrepit assholes in Detroit (and next Chicago, Oakland, Philadephia, and Harlem).

How's your outrage this morning?  Had enough yet?

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