Obamacare Train Wreck In 28 Days

California socialists are getting giggly as the countdown to Obamacare enters it's final month. 

California is gonna blow $45 million this year on a publicity campaign for Obamacare. The goonie state will spend another $35 million next year doing the same thing. The cash came from a taxpayer-funded federal grant Obama was happy to squeeze out of Medicare.

“We’ve done the background research to make sure we reach people in ways that are specific to their hopes, fears and concerns...," said Obamacare bureaucrat Peter Lee.

A new Kaiser Health poll showed 44% don't know Obamacare is a law. Gallup found 43% of the uninsured are unaware Obamacare forces them to get health insurance or face fines and penalties.

So why not blow more Medicare money getting those morons to pay attention?