Couture: Dead Sparrow Spiked Heels

Haute Couture's entire premise pushes the principle utilitarian need for clothing to gelastic extremes.  The runways, the super models, the decadent excesses all aimed to squeeze sums of cash from the idle rich.

So where are the clothes hounds going now?  For centuries they've been wearing the skins of dead animals so would it be surprising to find them going after shoes made of slaughtered sparrows?

Divya Anantharaman, a 29-year-old Pratt Institute graduate workining in Brooklyn, kills and stuffs birds, rodents and deer creating fashion for the macabre wealthy.

The pinnacle of her collection is a a pair of six-inch high-stiletto-heels festooned with metallic silver scales, quartz crystals and real dead sparrows.

Divya's prize winning shoes are put together by a cobbler in London.  She expects to get between $2,500 and $3,000 per pair.

So, who will show up with these things first? Lady GagMeWithASpoon? Maybe MaMomma? How about the gargantuan Michelle Ovacationer? A long line of decadent customers await.