Labor Day: 40,000 Quit AFL-CIO Over Obamacare

Irony and Karma are writing Obama's entire second term.

What could be more laughable than AFL-CIO President Richard 'Dick' Trumka admitting last week that  'mistakes'  were made in the writing of ObamaCare.  Dick took 'till now to realize Obamacare was 'not thought completely through' when the act was put together?

Remember, this is the puke that stood next to Obama crowing hyping the unread law back in 2008.  And took the opportunity to thank grannie Pelosi for driving ObamaCare ‘down the Republicans’ throat and out their backside.’ 

Apparently not reading the law back in 2009 will now lead to the end of the AFL-CIO itself - anyone crying?.  Over 40,000 longshoremen just quit the AFL-CIO to look for their own healthcare!

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