Man With Purple Skin Dies Of Stroke

Paul Karason, 62, died Monday after suffering a heart attack which became pneumonia and then a severe stroke. In short, he blew up not long after turning himself blue.

Karason did a video a few years ago and went viral. The goof turned his skin blue after smearing a silver compound on his face for ten years. The self-diagnosed-prescribed-administered 'medication' was intended to treat a bad case of dermatitis.

When the silver compound started to turn his skin a ghoulish blue-tone he tried to counteract that by dumping high doses of colloidal silver, which is a suspension of silver in a liquid base up his butt.

Despite the amateur effort to act as his own dermatologist and proctologist (butt doctor) he ended up looking like an eggplant with gray hair.

Little kids called him 'papa smurf' a moniker he despised.  So after his brief Internet celebrity he sank back into a life of obscurity away from the public eye until he resurfaced with his heart attack and subsequent demise this week.