Mother Uses Baseball Bat To Kill Homeless Guy

Forsythia Owen, 30, confessed to killing Denzle Rainey in an alley near her home.  The enraged woman claims Denzle had molested her four-year-old daughter.

Hunting him down and weilding a baseball bat Forsythia cracked Denzle's skull and broke his ribs. One of the shattered ribs punchered his liver.

Owens faces first-degree murder charges.

The child molestation accusation is being investigated but it's worth noting Forsythia had been arrested previously for assault.  Rainey, 42, had left his wife and kids due to drinking and found himself on the streets.

Was Forsythia justifiably outrage or is she just a plain vanilla crazed vigilante? Wonder how the anti-gun goons will twist this one to fit their agenda...