Runner Charged Using Fake Penis In Drug Test

The Whizzinator's back - the Angle first told you about the fake penis filled with 'pure urine' to be used to beat drug tests back in May 2012.

Italian distance runner Devis Licciardi, 27, had just finished a 10km race at Molfetta when officials steered him into the tent to take a urine test.

Licciardi insisted he be left alone during the test but anti-doping laws required a physician be present.

The numbskull already had the fake dick in his running shorts ready to go. When Devis tried to unleash the golden shower into a bottle the doctor saw immediately something was up - and it wasn't a post race erection.

Licciardi's a member of the Italian air force team. But now he faces a possible two year suspension and ejection from the team.

One Whizzinator customer sounds pretty pleased,  'I absolutely love the wizinator touch. I passed my drug test with ease and the person giving the test watched me pee!!!'  Note the stoner's spelling, 'wizinator?'

Need we say more?