Disney Bans Line Skipping For Disabled

A while back the Angle did a story on the scam wealthy Manhattan moms were running at Disney World.  The wonton women hire wheelchair bound people to act as 'park guides' so their kids can skip long lines to get into attractions.

The same pompous practice is being perpetrated by LA mothers going to Disneyland in Anaheim..

So now Disney has had to yank the line skipping privilege for every one now, even bone-fide disabled people who really do need the help. Like Hugh Hefner and his child-bride, left.

Families of children with autism and epilepsy are properly pissed.

Disneyland-goer Rebecca Goddard says her sons, age 4 and 6, have autism so when standing in one place for too long they become aggressive, fussy, even a little loud.

'My boys don't have the cognition to understand why it's going to be a long wait, there are so few things for my boys that bring them utter joy and happiness - to mess with it just makes me sad,' Rebecca laments.

Well, Becky can thank the selfish, narcissistic ass-hats that think their healthy kids are just too special to wait in line. After all why should someone bound to a wheelchair get in first, right?

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