Pedophile Brains Detected Using MRI

Walking among us are real life monsters. Sick adults targeting kids in order to commit unspeakable, evil acts of cowardice.

Child molesters gravitate to where kids are most concentrated.  They join the teacher ranks in schools, they become members of the priesthood, or volunteer as boy and girl scoutmasters.

Science is trying to catch up.

Abnormalities have been detected in pedophiles’ brains using an MRI scan. Irregularities in the frontal lobe blocking a pedophile's ability to perceive the difference between a kid and another adult has been found.   Pedophile's generally also have lower IQs and are often left-handed.

Experts theorize stressed mothers damage them in the womb.

Wouldn't it be prudent then to require MRIs of anyone who will be working around kids?

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