75 Million Victims Of Domestic Violence

Government statistics show about 25% of the US population has been a victim of domestic violence.

So the ‘No More’ survey conducted by the Avon Foundation for Women sampled over 1000 adults to see for themselves.

Over 30% of the women said they had been a victim of domestic violence.  And about 15% of men are victims.

An astounding 80% of those surveyed said they knew of someone who was abused. Yet, 70% of the group said they never discuss domestic violence with friends or relatives.

The stigma and fear victims face keeps them trapped in a cycle of violence.  The government estimates that about 50% of domestic violent crime is reported or discovered by authorities.  That leaves a lot of people suffering and in danger.

The answer is obvious.  If you are a woman, you better prepare for the worst.  Your chances of being a victim of abuse is 50/50 - so what do you do?   Both men and women should learn what domestic abuse is, and how to escape the scourge should it come.  Then be ready to defend yourself should an escape not be possible.

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