Penis Gun Artist Beaten By Security Guards

Who still doesn't know the world has it's finger on a hair-trigger?  Apparently a naive 73-year old artist in Sweden.

Bengt Andersson whipped out his pistol sculpture accompanied by steel penis-shaped ammunition in front of a bunch of security guards. And when he got his ass-beaten and jailed so quickly he was unable to get even one of his dick-bullets into the gun.

Goofy Bengt didn't know the art gallery was crawling with security guards there to protect Lars Vilks, another artist who published a drawing of the Muslim prophet Muhammad and is targeted for death.

"I just wanted to show off my art," Bengt whined. "I had no idea that Vilks was there just at then. How was I supposed to know that?"

Hey Bengt was there a reason you didn't submit your art to the gallery owners before showing up? Oh, you figured the world just couldn't wait for your penis-bullet-gun like that's an original idea or something.