White Student Group Founded At Georgia State U

Ever notice how the left-wingers setup groups of people along race, gender, and political bent lines?  Most university campuses have a Black, Hispanic, Women, Abortion and Progressive student group - so why not a White student group?

Or even better, how about a pro-life White Men Student group?

Oh man the lefties don't like it, not even a little bit.  Just the word 'white' sets them off like a leper wandering into a Wal*Mart.

Organizer Freshman, Patrick Sharp says simply, 'I decided to organize a White Student Union...I sort of took it upon myself, kind of with inspiration from Matthew Heimbach's group in Maryland, at Towson University," which is also called the White Student Union, to form a similar club at GSU.

At GSU, the group "Progressive Student Alliance" plastered flyers equating Sharp's club with white supremacists.  Heimbach's group already gets painted the same way though there is ZERO evidence white supremacy is involved.

"You know, to say this is some closeted or curtained white supremacy, it's pretty -- and I'll go ahead and turn their words around on them -- it's pretty ignorant and close-minded," Sharp notes.

Dr. Covey of Student Affairs says the White Student Union, as an informal student club, has every right to exist.  About 40% of the GSU student body is white.

So there you go, folks.  Of course the irony and the sting is not about a white student group forming, it's about the convulsions and double-standard the black and progressive liberals are having.  Can any one else hear the gnashing of teefs yet?

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