Forgotten $3 Movie Poster Fetches $263,000 At Auction

An 'insert' poster of a 1930s Frankenstein movei just sold for $263,000 at a Texas auction smashing the old record for a similar Casablanca poster that fetched a 'mere' $192,000.

An insert poster is a 14x36 inch cardboard image theaters once placed in display cases, a practice long gone.

Illinoian Keith Johnson bought the vintage poster as a teenager for about $3 at an antique shop in 1968 or 1969.  He kept the poster because he is a horror film fan.  Some 30 years later he and his wife wondered if the thing had any value other than being a super-neato image of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein.

Turns out Keith's little gem was a small goldmine.  The poster was the only one left and someone else wanted it real bad, man.  Like so bad they coughed up the price of a small house to take it home.