US Women Talk Like 12 Year Olds

Actress Lake Bell has something to say about the speech patterns of young females - what is it?  Young women are somehow regressing and adapting to speech patterns that really do sound more like a 12-year old than an adult female.

Uptalk (uttering statements as if questions), or the incessant use of 'like' to fill voids where vocabulary is missing, young women engaging in such speaking mannerisms sound immature and dumb.

Encompassing all of it is a guttural 'vocal fry', or glottalization, which is a low, staccato speech vibration, produced by a slow fluttering of the vocal cords (listen here).

Some think the perversion of speech is a way for women to avoid conflict, appear non-aggressive, and even cast a submissive tone. Why?  Are women giving up?  Do some of them think if they don't bend-over and sound childlike they will go unwed, unpaired, or even unjobbed?

The academics even try to justify the nonsense as a way for women to 'build relationships.'   But what relationships?  Linking up with shallow males who demand submission and 'dumbness' in a women? 

Ladies, resist this bullshit.  If some guy or gal can't take an intelligent sounding, articulate, forceful, creative female dump their narrow rears and move on to higher quality friends and lovers.