Obamacare Premiums Skyrocketing Already

Investors Business Daily took a look at the July rate filings issued by the GAO to see where Obamacare premiums are going.

The news is avoided by MSNBC and CNN.  Why?  Oh, because it's as grim as a dull executioner's blade.

The average price for the lowest-cost ObamaCare 'bronze' plan in eight states is an average 122% higher than the cheapest non Obamacare plan available now.

Ohio's least expensive 'bronze' plan for a 25-year-old will cost $1,956 a year or 300% higher. In Virginia, the lowest 'bronze' premium is $1,608 or 252% higher.

Obamacare government weenies are out in force with a six-pack of double-talk and excuses. They say costs are rising because not enough young people are signing up for the crazy rate hikes. Duh...

These goons acknowledge the 300% rate hikes will rise even higher and faster when they don't get the young to pay. So some states are already invoking price controls on insurance companies. The obvious effect will be insurance companies leaving exchanges and leaving millions without any choice at all!

Keep your eye on California and New York, it's a raucous hoot, folks.