Homeless Hispanic Shot By Female Cop He Called A 'Bitch'

Not just another story about a crazy Hispanic homeless guy getting shot by a cop. This one's about a crazy female Santa Ana, CA cop who shot an unarmed homeless guy simply because he called her a 'bitch.'

Was 22-year old Hans Kevin Arellano aggressive? Did he have a weapon, or act in a threatening way? Did he try to run away from a crime? Did he appear to be high or have a hostage? No.

'She exited her patrol car, gun drawn, and asked the gentlemen to get on the ground. The gentlemen didn’t get on the ground, he was still inside the restaurant. She asked again. The man then exited the restaurant, and as he was exiting the restaurant, he said, ‘What are you gonna do, bitch?’ About a second later, she shot him in the chest,' the cell-phone video witness said.

The Santa Ana police chief insists Hans was 'compbative' naturally. What defines combative will be key in the investigation. Why the cop didn't use her stun-gun instead of her sidearm is the bigger question.  If just calling a cop a bitch is combative, then we have a problem Houston. Getting shot for profanity ain't gonna fly, folks.

Hans's mother is in Mexico and hasn't seen any of this yet.

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