Al Sharpton Soiled MLK's Anniversary

Blacks crammed into the DC mall yesterday to 'celebrate' the 50th anniversary of the 'I Have A Dream' speech made by Martin Luther King. 

Tribal chief Al Sharpton came from the streets, and still talks that way.  Given a chance to take the same podium MLK took five decades ago Sharpton chose to babble in a disjointed ghetto-speak and spit out more race hatred.

This time it was Sharpton's fractured history lesson on working America - you know, people who actually got up each day and did something productive.

The old comb-back yelled, "Old America that only worked for white males has passed away...old America that only worked for English speaking has passed away...old America that tells you who to sleep with... has passed away."

Sharpton's idea of equality is to expand the shameful welfare state to include every black in America.

This is a guy that presumes to be the inheritor of the eloquent and martyred Martin Luther King?  MLKs legacy is being crushed and dishonored by today's black race hustlers and black racists.  And that's sad, really.  Sharpton's mentors were Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, not MLK.

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