Pelosi's Wealth Skyrockets Since 2008

Class warrior Nancy Pelosi is by far the wealthiest member of congress.

The goofy grannie increased that pile of cash substantially during a time when she and Obama were demonizing Wall Street, Banks, Oil Companies, and monied Republicans.

Pelosi's net worth was $35.2 million in the 2010 - a hike of $16 million since Obama took over in 2008. The stock market was still in the 10k range in 2010.

Pelosi saw her wealth rise due to stock gains and real estate investments.  Real estate?  How is that possible given real estate is down more now than during the great depression?

Sure Pelosi and Obama are hypocrites who manipulate and con their poverty-stricken base to get and maintain power. But isn't it extra sardonic that these two are also getting filthy rich while doing it?

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