Zimmerman Prosecutor Excused Only Black Juror

Some blacks are unhappy with Zimmerman's verdict.  Anyone surprised?

The entire trial was a concoction begun by race-hustlers like Holder and Sharpton, so it follows they're pissed with a not guilty outcome. 

The Zimmerman verdict came from an all white, all female jury.  So the race goons charge racism. But not so fast Tyrone...

Though Sanford, Fl sits in a 98% white county a jury of Zimmerman's peers would, by definition, be all white.  Still, there were no blacks on the jury, and no males.  So why not blacks or males?

CNN revealed that a potential black juror had been struck by the prosecution.  Why?  The unacceptable black juror admitted being a Fox News viewer.  Apparently the only black acceptable had to watch MSNBC or one of the other biased news sources.  You know, to put in a little insurance on the outcome.

Luckily for justice, all the effort to railroad Zimmerman failed.  At least so far.  But don't think the race-hustlers are done yet.  They're still out there gnashing their teefs, and planning their plans.  And they have the power to keep Zimmerman in a court for a long time, folks.

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