Archie Comics Gone Gay

Archie comics wanted to jump from the 1940s to the 21st century in one big gulp.  So after 70 years the culture vultures too Archie down the gay way.

The Life With Archie #16 issue featured a pair of light-in-the-loafer characters, Kevin Keller and Clay Walker. And to really stick a stick in the eye of conservative straight society the editors had Kevin and Clay get married, ya know, a gay marriage.

CEO Jonathan Goldwater said gay Kevin was introduced: 'to reflect what's going on with kids today in the real world'.

Really? Kids are turning gay now?  Jonathan just joined the ranks of a fringe, out-of-touch liberal activism bent on shoving the gay thing down everyone's throat.

Sister Archie, the new 'gay comic strip for the hip fringe in San Francisco' just got stuck in low gear. Have fun selling about 20 copies to your brand new audience.

Since the 'real world' seems to be a goal why not a Jihadist father figure who has his daughter stoned for going on a date with the infidel Archie, that might sell some comic books too.

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