Woman Mistakes Super Glue For Lip Balm

What's worse than getting a bad cold and opening up a convention of cold sores on your lips?

How about a stuffy nose preventing you from telling the difference between cold sore salve and super glue?

A 63-year-old New Zealand woman got up from her sick bed to stop the burning on her lips.  For some goofy reason the woman stored super glue next to her other goodies in a medicine cabinet.

Grabbing the super glue and squeezing on what she thought would be more than enough to quell the sores she hopped back into bed and went back to sleep.  About 48 seconds later she started to choke.  Her nasal passages were blocked and she couldn't open her mouth to gasp for breath.

Her mouth was glued shut.  Sgt. Steve Aiken said the woman "could only grunt" when she called 911.

The glue was eventually removed at a nearby hospital with paraffin oil.  The lesson?  Need we say it? Store  firearms, lighter fluid, feminine hygiene products, rat poison, pesticides, vet medicines and adhesives anywhere but in your medicine cabinet.  That way you can keep them out of your mouth easier.

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