Top Ten Tight-Ass Cities List

Just where would you suspect the most ostentatious, flatulent, pompous, pretentious, stuck-up, head-in-the-ass, vain and vulgar snobs call home in the USA?

How about the snot-dominated cities liberals infect?  Hypocrisy goes with superfluous consumption right? And who embodies hypocrisy more than a low-life left-wing nose-picker from Nancy Pelosi's home town?

'To determine which city has the biggest nose in the air, we factored in...snobbery: a reputation for aloof and smarty-pants residents, along with high-end and theater,' Travel + Leisure found. For completeness they also threw in elitism, obsessive Eco-goonieness (shopping bags made of lawn clippings), tech-prisses and artsy-fartsy coffeehouses.

San Francisco tops the list naturally. Oddly some think the city is hip because it has so many gays and other crazies hoveled up there.  But SF has more gay homeless slumming on the streets than anywhere else. The facade of cool masks a decadent, crumbling pile of dysfunction and union strikes.

The full list of top ten include (in order of unctuousness): San Francisco, NYC, Boston, Minn/St Paul, Sante Fe/Seattle, Chicago, Providence, WashDC, Charleston.

Find yourself in one of those cities and take a careful look in the mirror. Are you part of the magniloquent, or part of the crowd ignored by the narcissistic numbskulls.

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