Atheists Demand Billboard Be Obliterated

Self described atheists are a tense bunch. Most ardently waste chunks of their lives chasing the 'religious' around the planet as if their wallets were being stolen by them.

Now they're pissed-off over a billboard a church group put up with a simple message that 'offends' them. Why? Well it's true, and it proves a point.

But South Africa's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) 'ruled' the billboards have to be pulled down.

The phrase 'An atheist is a man who believes himself to be an accident' above a man with a sliced off head goes too far says atheist Eugene Gerber.  Ah, but atheists like Gene put up scurrilous billboards every day depicting the 'faithful' as childlike, superstitious, and outright dumb for their beliefs.

Who then are the dumbshits?  Who else views the complexity of the Cosmos as akin to a bird turd on a statue?  The dog-breath self-described atheist, of course.