Twitter Surrenders To French Speech Police

Twitter will hand over account information on people who post racist and anti-Semitic remarks to the French government.

The French don't have freedom of speech or expression and their laws against racist and anti-Semitic slurs have real teeth. Again, who decides what constitutes a racist or anti-Semitic slur isn't scientific, but the French think they know the answer anyway.

Luckily for Twitter users not in France this sad development seems to affect French users only.

The Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) took Twitter to court demanding they hand over the names of those they judged were making anti-Semitic tweets in violation of French laws.

'Because it does not take the necessary measures to identify where the tweets come from, Twitter is offering a platform to racism and anti-Semitism,' said Jonathan Hayoun, the UEJF president.

Twitter had argued in vain that the speech rights of it's users are protected by US laws. Last year Twitter shut down a German neo-Nazi group account after German authorities demanded it.

Europe has never evolved to the point of being able to deal with radical elements in it's society. So they now resort to jailing anyone who even 'hints' they may be harboring 'thoughts' of a violent nature. Europe is still failing.