Android App Pinpoints Gun Owners

A misguided Californian and self-proclaimed gun owner named Brett Stalbaum has developed an insidious little app called Gun Geo Marker that 'marks' the location of what he calls areas 'associated with potentially unsafe guns and gun owners.'

Brett doesn't reveal the criteria for determining where 'unsafe guns' are but it's pretty clear Brett is a liberal clown with an agenda. Brett has managed to develop nothing more than a way for bad guys to find unarmed innocent civilians.

Brett insists he wants to see gun rights preserved, but claims "thwarting the will of 90% of the American people on common sense... measures to improve gun safety is mathematically unwise."  High schoolish doublespeak.

Guys like Brett are obviously damaged by the 'liberal gene.' The gene shuts down common sense and twists cerebral processes into knots of irrationality. Is there a clearer example of that dynamic than Brett?

Oh, one last thing.  The writers at the Angle are all gun owners and 2nd amendment defenders.  So Brett will want his little tribble app to make a triple yellow marker over Angle offices so thugreport perps can use their stolen smartphones to avoid us.

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