Dentist Fires Employee For Lust

This one outta ruffle a few feathers.

The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously agreed dentist James Knight acted legally when he fired Melissa Nelson because he found her irresistible and gave him thoughts of cheating on his wife.

The all-male court said bosses can fire employees even in the absence of flirtatious or other inappropriate behavior.  The court said 'feelings' are a legal basis for termination foregoing the appearance of gender discrimination.

Melissa was cut loose despite her exemplary ten year performance record.  And oh yea, Melissa is also a happily married mom with two kids.

Knight said he and his wife concluded his attraction to Nelson had become a threat to their marriage. So Nelson's out and Jimmy has an all male staff now.

Except for the plight of Melissa Nelson things are just dandy for the Knights now. That's as long as Jimmy doesn't wake up gay one day.