The 100% Guaranteed Quit Smoking Headgear

Are you a meek and cowardly smoker unable to quit?  Then get ready for your solution of last resort.

Ibrahim YĆ¼cel's been a lifelong smoker and a serial quitter. Since his dad died from lung cancer Ibrahim's been panicked to find a way to quit.

So he resorted to locking his head in a metal bird cage preventing him from putting a cigarette in his mouth.  And wrapped his left arm in a bandage so he can't put one in his butt.

And as a backup, Ibrahim gave the keys to his wife so he can blame her when he fails again.

Ibrahim got the idea from Silence Of The Lambs. Dr. Hannibal Lecter was fitted with a leather hood so he couldn't spit-on or bite his captors - recall Lecter was a cannibal. Ibrahim can still spit if he wants to, but he can't get a ciggie unless he bribes his bride. Something he no doubt will try at some point.

Ibrahim is in deep doodoo, no question. The guy's been toking two packs a day since age 18. At 42 he's been ferociously filling his lungs to max capacity for 24 years so the cage is likely too late.

Since Ibrahim trots off to work with the device locked around his head the neighbors and the guys at work are predictably laughing their asses off - and why not, Ibrahim looks ridiculous, and apparently Ibrahim can afford to be made to look ridiculous.

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