Man Electrocuted Peeing On Third Rail

The Angle's dumbshit of the week award goes to the late Mathew Zeno from Brooklyn, NY.  Unable to accept the award himself, Matt is laying in the morgue with his nutsack laying in crisp pieces next to him.

Matt and a friend stumbled out of a few bars around 3am Monday morning as evidenced by their progress posted on Facebook. At some point Zeno and his pal sauntered over to the G train tracks which run underground at Union Avenue and Broadway, and that's when it happened.

Zeno, a fitness freak, whipped out his Johnson and pointed 'it' at the third rail of the subway line. The rail carries 1000 volts of DC current. Just as the first drops hit the rail the electricity arced up Zeno's stream back-up to him as the origin point. Zeno's pal grabbed the electrified pee-er and got zapped himself.

Luckily for Zeno's pal a transit worker saw what was going on and saved him from the french fry folly.

What lesson here? No one gets two chances to pee on the third rail of a subway line, so if ya gotta take a leak and ya gotta do it on a hot rail-line then bring a grounding strap, or go back to the bar and and empty the weasel in a non-electric urinal.