OJ Simpson's Three Months To Live

Betcha OJ Simpson thought life was pretty sweet back in 1995 when after slicing his wife up and beating the wrap thanks largely to a black jury he headed off to mansions and a single life.  Contrast that with the Zimmerman trial.  Blacks back '95 celebrated OJs 'victory' over killing a white woman. 

OJ didn't get far.  Simpson got 33 years for a burglary in Vegas in 2008 and has been rotting in a Nevada prison ever since.  And now OJ about to die in jail.  Or is he?

Simpson's been trying to get out of jail since 2008 on a series of denied motions for retrial.  The latest attempt was just last month.  No mention of his dire condition during that proceeding, but now suddenly Simpson is on his death bed?


Simpson's been putting on the pounds, no question.  The gristly ex NFLer now tips the scales at a hefty 300 pounds and has developed Type II diabetes as a result.  Simpson lawayer, Ozzie Fumo says the fat-ass and disgraced Heisman Trophy winner has just three months to go before facing his dead bride in the after-life.

Simpson feels so sorry for himself he's refusing to change his sedintary and white bread lifestyle and says he doesn't care if he dies.  He knows he's not getting out.  Simpson says he'll write a death-bed letter confessing that which he's allegedly already confessed to fellow jail-mates.

Does anyone care?  Excepting the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, no one....