Nine Guys Not To Take Home To Mom

Ladies be warned, there are guys out there with a closet so full of secrets and clothes you wouldn't mind wearing yourself that getting a peek in there is warranted before taking one home to mom.

Saddled with muscular thighs, hairy bodies and large feet, getting into and wearing women's clothes can't be easy for these fruitcakes.  But they just gotta do it anyway - the wheels have come off their bicycles.

A Spanish photographer embarked on a three-year quest to capture and record what he calls The Men Under The Influence.  The idea, according to the picture taker was to record men who put on their girlfriend's clothes in the open and with the ladies knowledge.

The pictures evoke laughter but these guys are purely pathetic in any case.  Equality among the sexes is one thing, but this can't be right.

The denuding of males is the cause. This is a helluva long way from the days of the Conquistadors, baby..

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