Tall Men '24% lower risk of heart failure'

Women tall guys because tall kids are preferred. Now we find the taller guys can not only reach for things, but they have healthier hearts too.

Studying 22,000 male MDs in their 50's for 22 years Harvard researchers determined men 6ft or over were 24% less likely to have heart failure than those 5ft 8 or shorter.

Two theories abound.  One surmises the increased length of the arteries may lessen pressure in them. The second guesses shorter men suffered childhood disease that may lead to greater chance of plague and blocked arteries later in life.

Before the shorter guys get their boxers in a bunch, remember, the tall guys have trouble on airplanes, finding shoes and socks, moving quickly in case of fire, and avoiding dogs mistaking their legs for hydrants.

Plus tall guys splash bigger around the toilet so living with one is like living with the smell of a monkey cage.

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