Gay Pride Parade Erupts In Violence

The 'pridefest' parade in Seattle (note these things are called 'pride' parades because the word gay is a tipoff apparently) was the crime scene of an assault on a guy carrying a sign saying 'Repent Or Else.'

A group of women (not necessarily lesbians) tried unsuccessfully to steal the sign-holders sign. That's when a group of men (not necessarily fairies) grabbed the sign and pull the sign carrier to the ground.  All while the crowd (not necessarily a brigade of fairies) applauds.

A video taken by a witness shows a 36-year-old shirtless man (not necessarily a gay law abiding citizen) run back toward the fight and punch the sign-holder in the back of the head with force and abandon

Officers responded and arrested a 36-year-old Marysville man (not necessarily there to express gay pride) and a 22-year-old, also from Marysville seen grabbing the protester's sign and kicking him while on the ground.

The blow-marauding perp was Jason Queree (not a play on words). Jason has a long rap sheet with 29 arrests since 1995.  With that kind of criminal history why is he on the loose in civilized society?.  Oh, and despite him taking off his shirt, and pounding the sign carrier with limp wrists no one knows if he's gay.

We ask if not gay, why is the pudgy lunatic trucking up to Seattle from Marysville to hang out in a gay parade?  Questions, questions and yet more questions remain.

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