Naked Woman Decoy Burglary Scheme

A 54-year-old upper middle class guy living in an upscale Tennessee home got a visit from a couple he thought lived in his neighborhood.  As he opened his door, a woman dressed in a bikini turned to her husband and asked him to return home for some cigarettes.

The woman said she was curious about his large Olympic sized swimming pool.  The guy offered to show it to her.

Just as the two walked to the backyard and approached the pool the woman asked if she could test the waters and take a quick swim, sans her bathing suit.  The surprised homeowner said sure, and sat in a lounge chair as she took off her bikini and took laps for 20 minutes or so.

When the woman asked the hapless homeowner for a towel he was content to return to the house to get one.

While the debauching homeowner was getting his eyes full of the naked wife in the pool the woman's husband was lifting guns, jewelry and prescription drugs from the his house.  The woman, of course disappeared when the guy went back into the house to make his discovery.

The cops are looking for a bikini clad woman and a man with pockets full of pills and diamond rings.  Anyone?

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