'Brain Dead' Woman Opens Eyes As Organs Removed

Having a bad day?  Wanna compare your day to Colleen Burns of North Syracuse, NY?

Colleen entered St. Joseph's hospital back in 2009 after a drug overdose. She'd swallowed a fistfull of Benedryl, Xanax and a muscle relaxant in a suicide attempt.

The staff at St. Joseph's failed to clear her stomach before the drugs entered her colon. The staff told the family she was brain dead.

The family gave permission for her organs to be removed for donation. But there was a tiny, little, extra special problem...Colleen wasn't brain dead, she was in a coma.

Colleen had undergone a series of test by a nurse prior to being wheeled into surgery who insisted the woman wasn't brain dead. But doctors discounted her opinion and proceeded with the organ harvesting. Just as the surgeons started to slice and dice her, she opened her eyes!

The family took her home. Still sixteen months later Colleen succeeded in 'achieving' her suicide. So the family didn't go after the hospital for malpractice.

The Missouri state Health Department and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reviewed and have fined the hospital for this and a trail of other 'questionable' practices.

Wonder if the ghouls finally got Colleen's junk anyway?

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