Mummified Robber Stinks Up French Bank

Police in France aren't sure if a mummified body in a bank air shaft was a homeless guy trying to keep warm, or a bank robber fat and foiled.

Bank employees had been complaining about a 'smell' since last summer. Building maintenance workers were finally called to investigate and quickly discovered the body stuck in the air shaft like a turd in a toilet.

Bank robbers in France must be getting desperate. Given the goofy French don't be surprised when the government forces all banks to inspect their air shafts regularly looking for would-be bank robbers.

Homeless guys don't get much sympathy. But a bank robber in an air shaft is a whole different plate of escargot. Getting in there either took imagination, initiative, ingenuity, invention, and dogmatic resolve.  Or it was a case of plain injudiciousness knuckle-headedness.  Either way, the Froggies are a fail..