Madonna's Muslim Makeover

Madonna created a career crashing decency and playing a big role in sexualizing young girls.  Her singing talents mediocre; the homely Madonna Louise Ciccone's shtick was to get twelve-year-olds to prance around like little strippers.

'Like a virgin touched for the very first time' subtext was about mixing the image of an innocent bleached blond Italian Catholic girl lifting skirt and sinning her ass off for rock-bucks.

After decades of failing to reinvent herself and shock people anew Madonna has opted finally to go for an in your face Muslim look now.  After all, Muslim's are notorious for killing Americans, so why not touch for the very first time the crazy image of a woman wearing a chainmail Naqab.

But Madonna is a middle-aged mom now - soon to be a grannie.  She's long past provocative.  In fact, she might consider moving to Iran and hooking up with a mullah or even two - you know for that extra wild ride skirting a stoning.

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