‘Rat Lungworm’ In Hawaii

Eric Reinert, 22, went to Hawaii last year to work on an 'organic' farm.

Eric traveled to the Puna District where, after a few days fingering the dirt, and eating some of the precious fruit, started to get sick. At first it was stomach cramps, then muscle aches. His nervous system became hypersensitive.

Bed-ridden and immobilized every vibration around his bed caused excruciating pain. Rushed to a hospital, he was sick with 'Rat Lungworm Disease.'

Rats in Hawaii? 'A lot of people in Hawaii don’t know this exists...,' said Reinert.

Ever notice how the deadly, paralyzing diseases keep cropping up in idyllic locations, and on organic foods? Remember the Odwalla eColi outbreak that killed kids, and was eventually traced to deer poop near an apple orchard?

Nature doesn't care if you choose to avoid modern ways to kill disease, if your cross her she will bite you now matter how fantasy driven you are.

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