Fountain Of Youth: Lots And Lots Of Sex

Okay guys here it is, real research that proves getting her to take the skin boat to tuna town makes her look ten years younger.

Dr David Weeks’s research shows men and women with an frequent and active pony rides will make her look between five and seven years younger than her actual age. And other ardent research shows hiding the salami cuts the odds of early death in half.

Weeks spent a decade quizzing thousands of men and women of all ages. Tough job but hey, well someone's gotta do it.

Weeks says the 40-50 year age group who looked ten years younger had sex 50% more or three times a week rather than twice. The women having sex two or less times a week looked like a Mexican border town hooker with the ass and face of an old catcher's mitt

Sex involves three health elements, exercise, endorphins and human growth hormones.

The men are willing. The big question is getting her to lay down for the job more often. So get in there guys, and hand her this article - who knows maybe you'll get lucky and be allowed in the clam store more often.  What woman wants to look older anyway?

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