Human Head Transplants Now Reality

How soon before the wealthy start growing human clones so they can transplant their heads to tailor made bodies?  How about today.  All the technology exists it's just a question of when.

Several monkeys have undergone the surgery since 1971 and survived quite well, thanks for asking.

Neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero, from the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, says the operation will take 100 surgeons 36 hours at a cost of $13 million  Chicken change for a guy like Larry Ellison whose buying Hawaiian Islands and Malibu mansion twenty-five at a time these days.

The tricky part is the spinal chord.  But Sergio says with a sharp enough scalpel and the technology to attach a kind of digital plug to the end of a cut spinal chord, a body and a head could be connected with full function.  Sorta like plugging a desk lamp into a wall socket.

So Larry better get crack'n and stop wasting time buying jets, boats and islands.  What he needs is a hospital and and a month off before he runs out of months off.  And Nancy Pelosi can forget it, she has nothing to save.

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