Who's Queen Of Pop...Elton Or Madonna

The burning question for 80s music fans is - who is the queen of pop ever since Freddie Mercury died of AIDS?

Though few watch the Golden Globes there appears to be no shortage of entertainment value when gender confused celebrities tangle.  And no two pussies are more fun to watch claw eyes or spit hairballs than Elton and Madonna.

Elton John and his frisky partner, David Furnish got all verklempt when Elton lost Best Original Song to Madonna.  Furnish sniped on Facebook, 'Madonna is desperate and embarrassing...Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!'

Apparently Furnish was counting on his fudge-packing partner Elton to nail down the award.  Then when Madonna swept in for the win Furnish broke his water.

Alas, Hollywood. The land where men are queens, women are savages, and all are paid millions because the public is to braindead to demand more.  Seems like just yesterday Elvis keeled over when a rock-hard turd the size of Vespa scooter jammed his colon doesn't it?

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