Fat Flight Attendants Fired To Save Fuel

Obesity is a bitch and now the airlines are keeping the wide-bodies off their flight attendants flight rosters.  Even male flight attendants are being passed over in favor of the lighter females all in the effort to save fuel costs.

Indian carrier GoAir says the females are on average 50 pounds lighter than men or chunky women. Just hiring thin women alone will save them $500,000 annually.

The air carrier is even slimming down the in flight magazines and carrying less water to curb weight.

But let's face it, the real culprit is the customer passengers. Until the airlines start to charge by weight, these efforts will be symbolic only. One giant toad like a Hillary or an Oprah will blow three female flight attendants out of the water - so let's not kid around okay GoAir?

The trend to charge by weight is not new, Samoa Air last year became the first airline to make it official, and a Norwegian economist weight upcharges are the fairest and most sensible way to calculate prices.

Gonna be fun to see if any USA carrier bites - the PC crowd will fly into a rage if they try it..