How Homely Are Smart People?

Are intelligent people homely or even down right coyote-ugly?

Being smart seems by nature to be traded off  for cute. But it's a trick of the senses.

For example, an intelligent blond may seem impossible, but in fact, hair color has no connection to IQ. More likely your built-in prejudice and ore-conceptions 'see' intelligent people as nerdy and goofy.

So what's really going on? 

The perception of beauty is about 'symmetry', that is, left/right facial feature balancing.  And often intelligent people devote their brains to thought rather than fashion sense or hip ways to speak.

Ironically, the likelihood of being ugly and dumb are higher than the reverse. The genes determine both, and both are determined by what genes are paired. If you are being built as a moron, you are more likely to get the food-processor treatment during gestation and end up with a boat-load of asymmetrical features.

Stephen Hawking is not grotesque because he has a 190 IQ.  He's deformed by a lifetime of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ravaging his nervous system.  When looking at an intelligent person, look past your own mundane fear, prejudice and insecurities.  Living with an intelligent person may be a bitch, but in the end you just may learn a thing or two.

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