Bowel Cancer From Snack Foods

Aberdeen University's study found fat-clogged and sugar-sodden snacks and sodas increased bowel and colon cancer risk by 18%. Colon and bowel cancer lead all but lung cancer in total cancer deaths.

Carbonated sugary drinks and white fish increased risk by 12%. Yet coffee reversed risk by 8%.

The study factored fat-asses and sedentary slugs both lifestyles known to increase risk.  The common element tested was subject proclivity to eat crap-foods. 

Jessica Harris, of Cancer Research UK admitted the study may be flawed since many study subjects had cancer and listed foods they 'thought' were bad for them. Yet the same smoke keeps rising.

Jessica recounted the oft-heard counsel, ‘The best ways to reduce the risk of bowel cancer are to cut down on alcohol, get active, eat a balanced diet and aim to keep a healthy weight.’  Gee, thanks for that Jessica.